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By westgate September 6, 2023

Women’s Health: Understanding the Importance of Regular Check-ups and Screenings

When it comes to women’s health, the importance of regular checkups and screenings can’t be overstated. Prevention and early detection are the keys to living a life of longevity and healthiness.

The foundation of women’s healthcare is preventative care. Regular checkups provide an opportunity for early detection and intervention. Routine checkups are a gauge for changes in health and allow doctors to address health concerns before they become more serious. Regular checkups can reduce the risk of developing chronic health conditions, leading to a higher quality of life.

Routine checkups include a discussion of your health history (and what’s changed), lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise, and your family health background (which can indicate what you are hereditarily at risk for). A checkup will include measurements of blood pressure, heart rate and weight. Your doctor will listen to your heart and lungs then ask questions about your overall health. This is also an excellent time to bring up questions and concerns of your own.

Another facet of women’s healthcare is age-appropriate screenings. These can detect health conditions before symptoms are noticeable, meaning successful treatment is more likely. Age-appropriate screenings may include mammograms for breast cancer, pap smears for cervical cancer, bone density testing for osteoporosis, cholesterol checks for cardiovascular health, colonoscopies for colorectal cancer and more.

Other issues at the heart of women’s health include reproductive health and mental health. Your doctor can provide guidance on family planning, menopause management and finding support for mental health challenges, all of which promote your overall well-being.

Regular checkups and screenings are cornerstones of women’s health. Through comprehensive care that also addresses individual needs, preventative care promotes a healthy and fulfilling life for women of all ages. To schedule an appointment with Westgate Family Physicians, call (864) 574-0070.