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By westgate February 3, 2022

What Procedures Can a Family Physician Do?

A family physician is trained to care for patients from the day they are born through childhood and adolescence, from adulthood into old age. Just as they treat a wide range of patients with an equally wide range of medical needs, family physicians can also perform a variety of procedures to help meet those needs. What procedures can a family physician do?

Health Screenings: Physical exams for all patients usually include a measure of height, weight, and blood pressure, as well an examination of the heart, lungs, hearing, and vision. Children will receive developmental screenings, scoliosis screenings, and reflex checks.

Cholesterol and Diabetes Screening: Family physicians will review your blood pressure and family history, as well as any risk factors for high cholesterol or diabetes. Then they determine if further testing, such as lab work, is necessary.

EKG: An electrocardiogram is performed by placing electrodes on your chest. The electrical signals which create your heartbeat are recorded and measured to check the health of your heart.

Digital X-Ray: These low-radiation x-rays can be used to check the chest, sinuses, bones, spinal cord, and more for various problems.

Spirometry Test: This quick and painless pulmonary function test measures the capacity of your lungs and how well they are working when you breathe in and out.

Audiometry Test: If you are suffering from difficulty hearing, an audiometry test can determine the type and severity of hearing loss you have.

Ultrasounds: A family physician can perform an ultrasound to check the function of internal organs.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections: This personalized treatment can heal tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints that are injured.

Immunizations: Whether you need routine childhood vaccinations, a yearly flu shot, or are preparing for travel to a foreign country, family physicians can administer immunizations to protect your health.

These are just a few of the procedures performed by family physicians. At Westgate Family Physicians, our expert doctors can perform many different procedures to help you on your journey to good health. Contact us at (864) 574-0070 or send us a message at https://westgatephysicians.com/contact-us/ to schedule an appointment today!