Streamlining Healthcare: The Benefits of In-House Lab Services at Westgate Family Physicians banner

By westgate February 7, 2024

Streamlining Healthcare: The Benefits of In-House Lab Services at Westgate Family Physicians

In today’s healthcare world, having timely access to accurate diagnostic services, such as lab work, is crucial for achieving optimal health outcomes. Because we recognize the importance of seamless diagnosis and treatment, Westgate Family Physicians is proud to offer in-house lab services that offer many benefits to our patients.

Quick Results

Waiting for lab results can be a source of anxiety and uncertainty, especially when the results may indicate more serious health concerns. But even if the lab work is just routine, no one wants to compound the wait time by coordinating around a separate lab’s hours or potential delays in lab processing. By eliminating the external lab, we can prioritize rapid turnaround times to deliver results faster, so you can stay informed about your health.

Enhanced Convenience

At Westgate Family Physicians, gone are the days of shuffling your schedule around to fit in an additional appointment for lab work, driving to another facility, or waiting your turn in line at an understaffed lab. Located within our own office, our lab allows you to undergo testing during your scheduled appointment, with no additional visits or referrals required. By integrating our lab services into our practice, you get an efficient process that minimizes disruptions to your daily routine.

Clear Communication

Our in-house lab services are patient-centered, because this is your healthcare. By offering in-house lab services, we cut out the risk of your health information being lost in translation between an outside lab, our doctor’s office, and you. Have questions about diagnostic tests? Your nurse or physician can answer them directly. Want to discuss potential treatment options based on your lab results? We’re right here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our in-house lab allows us to keep you up to date and informed on your healthcare.

If you want a healthcare team that is dedicated to delivering exceptional care, convenience, and continuity, then Westgate Family Physicians is here for you. Call (864) 574-0070 to schedule an appointment today.