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By westgate April 24, 2024

Streamlined Lab Services: Convenient In-House Testing

At Westgate Family Physicians, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare that is convenient for you. Our in-house lab services allow us to diagnose and treat a range of conditions under one roof.

Routine Blood Work

Routine blood tests are fundamental in assessing overall health and detecting underlying medical conditions. Our laboratory offers a comprehensive panel of blood tests including complete blood counts (CBC), lipid profiles, glucose levels, liver & kidney function tests and thyroid function tests. These tests provide valuable insights into various aspects of your health, guiding preventive measures and treatment strategies.

Diagnostic Testing

In addition to routine blood work, our laboratory provides a wide array of diagnostic tests to aid in the diagnosis and management of specific medical conditions. From infectious disease testing and hormone tests to allergy testing and vitamin levels, we offer a diverse range of diagnostic tests tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients.

Wellness Screenings

Our laboratory offers a variety of wellness and preventive screening tests including cholesterol screenings, diabetes screenings and sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings. These screenings help identify risk factors early on, enabling proactive interventions to promote health and well-being.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to deliver timely and accurate results, so you’ll always have the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. Your health and safety are our top priorities so we go above and beyond to deliver results you can trust. To speak to a doctor about what lab services are right for you, call Westgate Family Physicians (864) 574-0070.