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By westgate March 27, 2020

Do You Need a Family Doctor?

Most people like to frequent establishments where they feel comfortable, secure and respected. For example, you may return to the same hair stylist because that person knows what haircuts/color will work with your hair type and complement your appearance. You may have a favorite mechanic because past diagnoses and correction of automobile issues were performed correctly and efficiently. Or you may be a regular at a local coffee shop and feel welcomed because the staff knows exactly what you like to order every morning.

Comfort, security and respect are some of the same reasons to acquire a family doctor. So, the answer to the question
“Do you need a family doctor?” is “Yes!” in our opinion.

What Type of Training Does a Family Doctor Have?

Family doctors have completed 4 years of medical school and an additional 3 years after medical school studying a variety of specialties such as pediatrics, gynecology and internal medicine. Just like all medical professionals, family doctors routinely attend continuing education classes to keep their care and treatment recommendations current.

This wide range of medical background gives them the ability to act as your first line of defense against any type of medical problem that may arise.

What Does a Family Doctor Do?

Beyond diagnosing and treating colds and flu, family doctors can monitor the progression of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, sinus infections, injuries, pregnancy, etc. They can perform minor surgical procedures such as abscess draining or wart removal.

Through physical exams and wellness visits, they may detect warning signs of underlying health issues, bring those issues to your attention and provide treatment or recommend specialists that can provide advanced therapies.

There are many other reasons why having a family doctor can be beneficial for you and your loved ones:

  • If you stay with the same family doctor for years (even decades), that individual will know your medical history and your family history of disease so diagnosing new problems may be more obvious to them. They will have a baseline of your overall health, so changes that occur may be more noticeable to them (as opposed to a doctor who has never seen you before).
  • Building a strong relationship with your family doctor means that you will probably share some of your personal life experiences. For example, a divorce or death of a loved one may have an impact on your mental or physical health. By sharing this type of information, your family doctor may be able to help you navigate your stress level while offering the right treatments for your unique situation.

A family doctor will also remind you about preventative care measures that should be taken on a regular basis such as vaccinations, mammograms, blood work, prostate cancer and many more. Every stage of life will warrant different tests and immunizations and a family doctor will know the right ones to recommend for your entire family, from infants to seniors.

Westgate Family Physicians are a team of family doctors in Spartanburg, SC, that you can trust with your family’s health. Since 1977 we have provided comprehensive family health care based on a firm Christian faith foundation. We truly care for every individual that trusts us with their health and we have worked hard to create a welcoming environment where patients can feel safe, respected and comfortable. From annual physicals to illness appointments, our team will provide the right diagnosis, treatment or specialist referrals to restore your health.

If you are looking for a family doctor, schedule an appointment with us today so we can start building a relationship of comfort, security and respect with your family. Please call (864) 574-0070 or click here to make an appointment.