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By westgate December 24, 2019

What is the Age Range for Pediatric Patients?

When you think of pediatrics, you may only think of babies or children younger than elementary school age. Actually, the pediatric age range is 0-18. Pediatric doctors provide preventative health services, early diagnosis and medical care for infants, adolescents and teenagers, with a keen understanding that they have many physiological differences from adults.

A pediatric doctor’s main goal is to help children become healthy, happy and well-adjusted. Regular well child visits allow doctors to monitor physical conditions such as hearing, vision, growth, weight, breathing, etc. If any red flags are identified, the doctor can discuss treatment options with parents or guardians to get the child back on the right path. For example, the identification of a crooked spine can signify the need for scoliosis treatment as quickly as possible so the child will not have physical complications as an adult. Or, if a child has recently gained a lot of weight, there may be underlying problems at home or school that are contributing to unhealthy patterns.

There can be many instances where a pediatric doctor can provide other forms of guidance in addition to medical care such as mental health counseling or menstrual counseling (for females). A pediatric doctor can also diagnose and treat conditions such as ADHD that may be interfering with learning at school.

Age-appropriate immunizations are important for the safety and health of your child. A pediatric doctor will keep your family informed about the recommended immunizations for infants, adolescents and teens.

The team at Westgate Family Physicians are pediatric doctors in Spartanburg, SC, who can be a trusted resource for your family. Most of our staff has large families, so we fully understand the challenges, rewards and uncertainties of parenting. We work hard to set children up for success – physically and emotionally. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child, please call (864) 574-0070 or click here.