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What about adult physicals?

We believe that adults over 18 should have physical exams at least every other year until age 40 and then yearly thereafter.  Additionally women should be screened annually with a Pap smear.  Physicals are a great time for us to take a comprehensive look at your health and to catch you up on recommended immunizations and health screenings as well as to evaluate any and all ongoing medical problems you may have.  In addition to an exam and basic blood tests, depending on your age, you may also need the following during a good complete exam:
  • An EKG
  • A Chest X-Ray
  • Pap Smear
  • Immunizations that are due and recommended
  • A Bone Density
  • Tonometry (a check for glaucoma)
  • Spirometry (a breathing test)
  • Referrals for mammograms, colonoscopy

Physical exams are a very important part of your overall health care and we would encourage you to call the office or use the Request An Appointment feature of this web site to schedule a complete physical.  To schedule by telephone, call 574-0070.